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TOP Greetings Gold granulation technique

granulation 1
granulation 2
Flow of
the production process

Fiat lux 1 Fiat lux 2

Jadeite 1 Jadeite 2

Emerald Ruby Pink Sapphire

Blue Sapphire 1 Blue Sapphire 2

Wirework Repoussage


Gold ribbon bracelet

Gold ribbon bracelet

Fine Gold 9999, Weight 34.8g

Gold ribbon bracelet  (vertical)

Gold Ribbon Bracelet (Open)

Gold Ribbon Bracelet (closed)

Gold ribbon ring

Gold ribbon ring

Old woven African basket

In 2002, I went to Johannesburg
and I found an old hand-woven basket for beer brewing
at the exhibition of African traditional craft techniques.

I bought this basket on the last day of the exhibition.

While looking at this antique basket at home
I felt like making gold ribbon jewels.

Hand woven basket for beer brewing

Old woven African basket

Height 20.5cm, Diameter 20.5cm

Gokwe Basket Zimbabwe

Gokwe Basket made in Zimbabwe

Diameter 34.5cm

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