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Fiat lux 1 Fiat lux 2

Jadeite 1 Jadeite 2

Emerald Ruby Pink Sapphire

Blue Sapphire 1 Blue Sapphire 2

Wirework Repoussage


Blue Sapphire gold ring with granulation

blue sapphire ring with granulation (seen from top)

Ring material : 20g Gold 99.99
Cabochon blue Sapphire unheated 6.76 ct

Gold Pendant with Maltese cross

Gold Pendant with Maltese cross (From Top : Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby)

From Top : Emerald, Ruby and deep-blue Sapphire

The Maltese cross, in Italy also known as the Amalfi cross,

is the cross symbol associated with the Knights of Malta.

Amalfi flag

The morning after the storm, I went to see the ocean. On the beach,

I found a small stone with a white cross clearly visible.

I wrapped this stone in a gold plate and made a cross pendant.

Stone cross gold pendant with Maltese cross

Amalfi 2013

Hotel Luna Convento

Hotel Luna Convento of Amalfi

The hotel Luna Convento is right next to
a winding road and deep blue waters.

In 1222, the Franciscans founded a monastery here.

Hotel Luna Convento is ex-monastery,
with a Moresque cloister.

Moresque cloister of Hotel Luna Convento

Costa d'Amalfi

The Amalfi coast

Amalfi Coast seen from Hotel Luna Convento

Work of Alessandro Mautone

Work of Alessandro Mautone

Alessandro Mautone's work is

exhibited in Ristorante Museo La Caravella. (2013)

Amalfi coast seen from Hotel Luna convento in the early morning.
Amalfi coast at dawn seen from Hotel Luna convento

Duomo di Amalfi

Duomo di Amalfi after dark

Amalfi Cathedral is dedicated to the Apostle Saint Andrew.

The remains of the Apostle Saint Andrew is kept in the crypt built underground.

The remains of the Apostle Saint Andrew is kept in the crypt.
The remains of the Apostle Saint Andrew is kept here.

Amalfi Giant Lemon sold on street corners

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