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Welcome to Renaissance Gold coins!

In the Middle Age in Europe, some of the gold coins
were stamped with crosses and saints.

Ecu d'or au soleil, 3eme Emission

Francois 1er,
King of France

Reign 1 January 1515 – 31 March 1547


François 1er invited Leonardo da Vinci from Italy to protect him

for the rest of his life. Leonardo lived in the Château du Clos Lucé

until his death in 1519, and he was buried in the collegiate church

of Saint Florentin in the Château d'Amboise.

As prodigious patron of the arts, François 1er

promoted the emergent French Renaissance

by attracting many Italian artists to work for him.

Ducat of the Popal State

Pope Nicolas V

Papacy began 6 March 1447,
Papacy ended 24 March 1455


The first Pope, Peter, is holding the key to the gate of heaven.

The back is engraved with the coat of arms of the Pope.

Attacked by the Ottoman Empire Mehmed II

Constantinople fell on May 29, 1453.

The Eastern Roman Empire disappeared

during the reign of Nicholas V.



Ferdinando II de' Medici,

Grand Duke of Tuscany de Médicis,
Reign 28 February 1621 – 23 May 1670

Doppia is a large gold coin weighing 6.75g. In 1532,

the Republic of Florence became the Duchy of Tuscany, hereditary to

the Medici family. In 1569, the Duchy of Tuscany was recognized

as a Grand Duchy. The first Grand Duke was Cosimo I.

Ferdinand II is the 5th Grand Duke.

The coin bears the coat of arms of the Medici family.

Fiorino d'oro

Firenze Republique 1252 - 1523


This gold coin has long supported the development of

large-scale commerce in Europe.

The distinctive fleur-de-lis badge of the city is on one side and

on the other a standing and facing figure of

John the Baptist, the Patron Saint of Florence.

He wears a camel's robe and a belt around his waist.

He baptized Jesus in the Jordan River.

Zecchino d'oro

The Republic of Venice

Nicolò da Ponte,Doge of Venice

In office 1578-1585


On 3 March 1578, Nicolò da Ponte was elected
as Doge of the Republic of Venice,

and his predecessor was Sebastiano Venier.

when elected new Doge,
Although Nicolò da Ponte was in his late 80s,
he had a reign that lasted more than seven years.

The Battle of Lepanto was a naval engagement
that took place on 7 October 1571.

The Holy League, arranged by Pope Pius V,
decisively defeated the fleet of the Ottoman Empire.

The main force of the Holy League is the 110 fleet
led d by Sebastiano Veniel.

At the end of the battle,137 galleys and galliots of
the Ottoman Empire were captured and
12,000 Christian rowing slaves were rescued.

After this defeat, the Ottoman Empire rebuilt its fleet in about half a year.

However, on December 12, 1574, Ottoman Emperor Selim II
fell into a coma in the baths of Topkapi Palace and died.

Grand Vizier Sokollu's planned attack on Venice was
canceled due to the emperor's funeral.


Tiberius Caesar Augustus was the second Roman emperor,
reigning from AD 14 to 37.

The tribute penny (Denarius)

Roman Empire, Tiberius, AD 14-37
AR Denarius(3.94g) Ch XF

struck at the Lugdunum mint (Lyon, France today)

Jesus Christ was executed on the orders of Pontius Pilate,
the Roman prefect of Judaea. Most scholars estimate
AD 30 or 33 as the year of Jesus' crucifixion.

The tribute penny was the silver coin that was shown to Jesus
when he made his famous speech

Render unto Caesar......

Gospel of Luke Chapter 20

The Holy Bible, King James Version.
Cambridge Edition: 1769

21 And they asked him, saying, Master, we know that thou sayest and teachest rightly,

neither acceptest thou the person of any, but teachest the way of God truely.

22 Is it lawfull for vs to giue tribute vnto Cesar, or no?

23 But he perceiued their craftines, and said vnto them, Why tempt ye me?

24 Shew me a peny: whose image and superscription hath it?

They answered, and said, Cesars. 25 And he said vnto them,

Render therefore vnto Cesar the things which be Cesars,

and vnto God the things which be Gods.

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